Future Conferences

Past Conferences

Past APNNA Conferences

    ICONIP 2015 (Istanbul, Turkey)
    ICONIP 2014 (Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)
    ICONIP 2013 (Daegu, Korea)
    ICONIP 2012 (Doha, Qatar)
    ICONIP 2011 (Shanghai, China)
    ICONIP 2010 (Sydney, Australia)
    ICONIP 2009 (Bangkok, Thailand)
    ICONIP 2008 (Auckland, New Zealand)
    ICONIP 2007 (Kitakyushu, Japan)
    ICONIP 2006 (Hong Kong)
    ICONIP 2005 (Taipei)
    ICONIP 2004 (Calcutta, India)
    ICONIP 2003 (Istanbul, Turkey)
    ICONIP 2002 (Singapore)
    ICONIP 2001 (Shanghai, China)
    ICONIP 2000 (Taejon, Korea)
    ICONIP 1999 (Perth, Australia)
    ICONIP 1998 (Kitakyushu, Japan)
    ICONIP 1997 (Dunedin, New Zealand)
    ICONIP 1996 (Hong Kong)
    ICONIP 1995 (Beijing, China)
    ICONIP 1994 (Seoul, Korea)

APNNS Technically Co-sponsored Conferences

Required documents for technical co-sponsorship

  1. Conference CFP and keywords of your conference;
  2. List of organizing committee members, with APNNS members clearly identified;
  3. Publication plan of your conference;
  4. Any special benefits to APNNS members.

Please submit these documents together with your request to APNNS Vice President for Conferences (Minho Lee,

For further information, please contact us at .

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