APNNS Awards

    APNNS Outstanding Achievement Award: For outstanding contribution in neuro-computing and related areas. The maximum number of persons to be awarded each year is 1 person.
    APNNS Excellent Service Award: For excellent service to APNNS. The maximum number of persons to be awarded each year is 1 person.
    APNNS Young Researcher Award: For encouragement of young researchers who have demonstrated excellent research in neuro-computing and related areas. The maximum number of persons to be awarded each year is 2 persons. Each candidate should be working or studying in Asia Pacific countries and regions. The age of a nominee should be up to 40.


    APNNS Outstanding Achievement Award:
    APNNS Excellent Service Award:
    APNNS Young Researcher Award:


    APNNS Outstanding Achievement Award: Zeng-Guang Hou
    APNNS Excellent Service Award: Akira Hirose
    APNNS Young Researcher Award: Long Cheng
    APNNS Young Researcher Award: Shiping Wen


    APNNS Outstanding Achievement Award: Takeshi Yamakawa
    APNNS Excellent Service Award: Andrew Leung
    APNNS Young Researcher Award: Zenglin Xu
    APNNS Young Researcher Award: Qinglai Wei


    APNNS Outstanding Achievement Award: Masumi Ishikawa
    APNNS Excellent Service Award: Chu Kiong Loo
    APNNS Young Researcher Award: Sho Yagishita

APNNA Special Meritorious Award

    Given only one time to the following three individuals in 2016.
      Tom Gedeon
      Weng Kin Lai
      Andrew Leung

Past APNNA Awards


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Derong Liu
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Minho Lee


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Chin-Teng (CT) Lin
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Tingwen Huang
    APNNA Young Researcher Award: Seongmoon Jeong


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Nikola Kasabov
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Bao-Liang Lu
    APNNA Young Researcher Award: Qingshan Liu
    APNNA Young Researcher Award: Masafumi Oizumi


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Jun Wang
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Jonathan Chan
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Masumi Ishitkawa
    APNNA Young Researcher Award: Kaizhu Huang
    APNNA Young Researcher Award: Wengliang Liu


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Shiro Usui
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Irwin King
    APNNA Young Researcher Award: Shunji Satoh
    APNNA Young Researcher Award: Jun-nosuke Teramae


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Soo-Young Lee


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Aike Guo
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Shun-ichi Amari


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Mitsuo Kawato
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Minoru Tsukuda
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Lipo Wang


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Lei Xu
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Shiro Usui


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Kunihiko Fukushima
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Nikola Kasabov


    APNNA Outstanding Achievement Award: Shun-ichi Amari
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Soo-Young Lee
    APNNA Excellent Service Award: Youshou Wu

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