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  • APNNS News (No. 3) has been issued (October 12, 2018).
  • Announcing the 2018 APNNS election results:
  • APNNS President-elect (2019)

    Tingwen Huang
    Faculty of Science
    Texas A&M University at Qatar
    Email: tingwen.huang [at] qatar.tamu.edu

    Elected Governors 2019-2020

    Jonathan H. Chan
    School of Information Technology
    King Mongkut's University of Technology
    Email: jonathan [at] sit.kmutt.ac.th

    Sung-Bae Cho
    Department of Computer Science
    Yonsei University
    Email: sbcho [at] cs.yonsei.ac.kr

    Kazushi Ikeda
    Department of Mathematical Informatics
    Nara Institute of Science and Technology
    Email: kazushi [at] is.naist.jp

    Andrew Chi-Sing Leung
    Department of Electronic Engineering
    City University of Hong Kong
    Email: eeleungc [at] cityu.edu.hk

    Bao-Liang Lu
    Department of Computer Science
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Email: blu [at] cs.sjtu.edu.cn

    Kevin Wong
    School of Engineering and Information Technology
    Murdoch Uninversity
    Email: k.wong [at] murdoch.edu.au


Our predecessor, Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly (APNNA) was founded in 1993, after IJCNN'93 in Nagoya, under the leadership of Professor Shunichi Amari. The mission of APNNA is to promote active interactions among researchers, scientists, and industry professionals who are working in Neural Networks and related fields in the Asia-Pacific region. APNNA had Governing Board Members from 13 countries/regions – Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Qatar, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey. The annual conference is the International Conference of Neural Information Processing (ICONIP).

In 2014, APNNA has decided to proceed from an assembly to a member-based society, APNNS, in order to further promote the field in the Asia-Pacific region including the further advancement of ICONIP, with operations most suitable for the vibrant Asia-Pacific region. APNNS also seeks more active participation from researchers and professionals in the region. APNNS was formally established in November 2015.


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